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Yoga  Instructors: 
Sarah Wilson    

Sarah started practicing a healthy lifestyle around 2008. She began learning how important nutrition and physical fitness was for the body. After a few years of following workout routines and attending sauna sessions at the gym she realized how much she loved the heat and the detoxifying feeling from the sauna after physical training. She then found Sacred Hot Yoga. With her Hot Yoga training and practice she realized the positive effects on the mind, body, and spirit and soon became addicted to the bliss that was brought upon her. Considering the high stress levels that many experience these days she wanted to be able to help others find their inner peace and happiness while detoxing and strengthening their body at the same time. Hot Yoga seemed to be the best inspiration to offer. Sarah began to think more positively through her practice as her whole life began to gradually change and grow physically and spiritually. Playing her favorite music and delivering her favorite affirmations with her practice are a few of her best motivators.  
Sarah currently runs a 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training course. She has been a wellness coach for the past three years and continues to provide others with healthy eating tips. She continues to teach others how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to heal their bodies through Yoga with poses and positive affirmations. Sarah has received a 200 hour certification in The Sacred Hot Yoga Method and has over 1500 hours of teaching experience. She is also certified to teach Yoga for Youth which teaches children proper breathing techniques, how to improve focus, handle stress, mindfulness, nutrition, and wellness on and off the yoga mat. "Children are such beautiful souls and deserve to learn the importance of taking care of the body while practicing positive thinking." As a mother and dedicated Yoga instructor Sarah loves what she does and is very grateful to be able to share it with everyone.
 Rose Handley

Heather Fox

Carol Woodland 

Bonnie Morrow


Adrianna Trujillo

Fitness Personal Trainers and Health Coaches:
Ben Ramirez

Health Coach/Lead Trainer
As an experienced athlete & certified personal trainer for several years, Ben believes the purpose of a personal trainer should not only be to educate their client about proper nutrition and technique in exercise, but to steer clients in the path for living a healthy lifestyle. By changing your ways of living, eating, resting, and daily activity, you can get on that path! Lets get motivated and create your healthy lifestyle today!
-NASM Certified Personal Trainer
-Emergency Medical Technician Certified
-Practical Yoga for Personal Trainers Certification
-Mastery of Meditation Certified
Specialties:*Specific Sports Performance *Cardiovascular & Strength Training *Flexibility, Balance, Speed & Agility Training *Body Composition & Fat Testing *Meal & Exercise Planning *Youth Fitness


Sensory Deprivation Therapists: 

Kenneth Pintor

“The flotation tank is an extremely powerful tool for evolving different aspects of one's self. Whether you are just looking to improve physical well-being or begin to go beyond the body and mind, the float tank is a blessing to all who decide to experience it.”

Phil Safier
Phil has been a float tank fan since the 1980s and has a weekly session in the tank at Enlighten Others.
 “As a society we need rest. Even when people are sleeping they aren’t getting good rest. We’re always in motion; our brains are always churning. However a person can spend time when all that stops is beneficial. We have to let our systems reboot and heal. All that mental, emotional and physical stuff just goes away, because the system has been allowed to reboot.”  
Brittany Armijo 

Hannah Gillreath

Adreanna Nunez

Josh St John

Massage Therapists: 

 Dawn Gillreath 

Bridgette Cleary 

Sarah Pacheco 

Julie Guiterrez


Yogiños Instructors:
Sarah Wilson


Meditation Teachers:
Ben Ramirez

Kenneth Pintor
We are very proud to announce the sponsorship of Albuquerque's very own UFC Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Diego Sanchez! Many professional athletes are beginning to discover the benefits of sensory deprivation/flotation therapy and hot yoga.
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